Investing in European DeepTech Software

We are technical investors, partnering with technical founders, who are building at the intersection of DeepTech and software. Our mission is to help you turn your sci-fi ideas into working products.

"The next wave of software giants will come from Europe"

We support outstanding DeepTech dev&business teams, building global startups.

We bring a fresh perspective into tech investments: leveraging our own backgrounds in software architecture, computer science, business strategy, and early stage investments.

We like to engage early at the pre-seed or seed, with:

  • Up to €500K initial investment per company
  • into technical teams with strong R&D backgrounds
  • building with ♥ in Europe products that will sell globally

we deeply care about your tech, code and vision (and less about the current traction and sales funnel)

Meet The Team

Dr. Elad Verbin

Founding Partner.
Computer Science Researcher, experience leading R&D in industry and academia. Public speaker and community moderator at PyData Berlin. Worked and published with top academics (including some Turing Award laureates)

Mick Halsband

Founding Partner.
CTO and software architect. Two decades of key roles at startups and multinational leading tech firms. Led software development for embedded mobile, realtime systems, computer graphics, computer vision, and trading infrastructure

Luis Shemtov

Founding Partner.
Luis brings ten years of startup experience in product management, operations, strategy, and business development. Luis led 10x growth post startup acquisition by a public company. 3x entrepreneur

Alberto Cresto

Experienced startup investor. Led over 20 deep tech investments across multiple verticals in the US and the EU. Expertise in buy-side and sell-side M&A, new business development, and corporate venture advisory

Lawrence Lundy-Bryan

Research Partner.
Technology researcher with ten years experience understanding emerging technologies through market research, strategy consulting, venture capital, and public policy. Strategy @Radicalxchange, Policy @OECD & @WEF

Our Investments


Mutable is building the public edge cloud: aggregating excess edge compute capacity, and supplying application developers with low-latency compute services


Mobius bulids a cross-OS computer vision SDK for the edge, with unparalleled performance on noisy and small datasets


Kyso builds a data science collaboration platform and knowledge hub, to easily produce, revision, share and circulate data insights


Molecule is a cutting edge decentralized financial platform to fund drug discovery and innovation in Pharma


Neurolabs builds a data synthesis platform, empowering computer vision engineers to build better ML models


Zama builds homomorphic encryption, preserving security for machine learning services


NannyML's monitoring suite detects drift, estimates model performance, and gives full control over decisions your ML takes

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