Elad Verbin

Email me at: [email protected]

I’m a Berlin-based Computer Scientist, specializing in blockchain, predictive modeling, and algorithm engineering. With my colleagues, I started Lunar Ventures: a VC run purely by R&D experts, focusing on early seed investments into ambitious algorithm-based ventures.

I am passionate about Computer Science, Economics and Public Policy, and I try to combine these and build the ecosystem that will create the radical technology of the next decade.

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My Academic Publications (will host them all here soon)

Some talks I gave

On Private Computation:

  1. Private Computation (Zero Knowledge etc). Given at Web3 Summit
  2. Privacy on the Blockchain (Zero Knowledge etc) — longer earlier version of #1. Given at BigChainDB Meetup
  3. Zero Knowledge: The Road to Adoption. Given at ZK Summit #1.

On Collaboration Tech:

  1. CollabTech. Given at BIV Summit.
  2. CollabTech: How To Use Technology To Align Incentives. Given at Cambrial meetup on Blockchain Governance. This one has more focus on governance.

Free Range Algorithms (starts at 2:12:20). Given at Nature 2.0 meetup.

(more coming)